Jordi Gomez

jordi gomez

The renowned Jordi Gomez is a highly respected artistic photographer that has been featured in international magazines like Vogue, Elle Glamour and FHM amongst others.

This Spanish photographer’s signature style infuses an impactful blend of cocktail glamour, fun and sex appeal. The luxurious lifestyle of Ibiza is what inspires Jordi, the pool parties, mansions, supercars and of course the beautiful women. His creations are appreciated by clients from all over the world who decorate their houses, hotels, restaurants and clubs with his elegant pieces.

Kyle says that the pieces he finds most suited to Cape Town are Jordi’s nude and swimwear editions along with his controversial statement pieces such as the “ Last Supper ” of which he creates limited 50 editions pieces worldwide.

“Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.” Jordi Gomez

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