100 DOLLAR (Unique Piece)


Floyd Douglas reimagines the iconic images of our time—celebrities, cartoon characters, and everyday objects—with a bold, colorful flair that captivates and lingers in the mind. His work is a vibrant blend of nostalgia and modernity, seamlessly merging classic pop art elements with contemporary influences. This unique fusion makes his art not only relevant but also timeless, offering viewers a fresh perspective on familiar images through a dynamic color palette and striking compositions.

At a time when culture is rapidly evolving, Douglas masterfully captures and reflects the pulse of society. His artworks serve as visual time capsules, encapsulating the essence of contemporary life with meticulous detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. Douglas' innovative technique, developed over decades, transforms traditional canvases into three-dimensional masterpieces that enthrall audiences. His use of movement and form delivers powerful statements subtly, inviting viewers to listen, reflect, and ultimately respond. Floyd Douglas' art is not just seen; it is experienced, resonating deeply with those who encounter it.

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Size 160 × 90 cm
Material Mixed Media