Abstract (unique piece) including Gold Frame


Aldo Kodak, born in Montevideo, Uruguay has been painting since childhood.

In 1987 Aldo emigrated to New York where he participated in the creation of an art studio in East Village led by Cardillo.

He went to Ibiza in the 80's to start his ceramic and painting studio over there. Sharing his time between India, Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Ibiza Aldo developed his techniques to exhibit his work in these three places of the World.

The style of Aldo refers to abstract, figurative and constructivism. He mostly uses oil paint over wooden panels and the collage is a recurrent medium in his work.

Aldo currently lives and works full time in Ibiza at his home/studio The Rose in Santa Agnes where his work is shown permanently.

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Size 220 × 120 cm
Material Canvas