Edition of 10

Print on hahnemuhle photo rag with museum grade glass

framed with a minimal light hazel brown wood



Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa,

Gavin Goodman is a father, photographer and passionate surfer. His career began

18 years ago working as a cinematographer in the local film industry. After 7 years Gavin felt the call to switch to still photography and was able to transfer his eye for storytelling and technical knowledge of light and camera over to this new medium.

Gavin has worked on many prestigious advertising campaigns with respected ad agencies around the world, but his passion lies in his personal work. The recent winner of the prestigious '2021 Hasselblad Masters' in the art category gave him the opportunity to exhibit his work all around the world. He just concluded a successful group show at Gallerie Joseph in Paris, followed by another show in Milan from the 23rd - 29th September 2022. And a solo show In Geneva, Switzerland beginning August 2022 running  for 3 months.

R40,250.00 R35,000.00 (ex VAT)

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THE POWERFUL SIMPLICITY OF SYMMETRY. A limited tonal palette and simple yet sharp props combined for a superb photoshoot with a focus on form, colour, and symmetry for South African photographer Gavin Goodman and his team. Styled by Anna Verloren Van Themaat, in addition to creating the cones and circular props with partner Reep Verloren, these shapes were designed as technical drawings and brought to life on a laser cutting machine using medium density fiberboard and backdrop rolls. Taken on the XCD 90mm and X1D II 50C, the final results beautifully illustrate the richness of the shoot’s colours and tones and the power of the mirrorless medium format camera’s ability to capture subtle details in the deepest of shadows.

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Weight 5 kg
Size 112 × 84 cm