ENCHANTED LAUGHTER (Limited edition)


David Stesner is a classically-trained artist whose work in mixed media has  distinguished him as one of the most promising talents in his field. 

His latest work,  “The Butterfly Project," is a reflection of the symbolism and allure of the species, which the artist brings to life with the deft hand and appreciation of beauty that has marked his brilliant career. The series is a true representation of Stesner's repertoire of abilities: painting, embossing, photography and digital manipulation. Inspired by a duality of life moments —the death of his sister, Barbara, and birth of his daughter, Blake—“the pieces I am creating are not just about butterflies but are representative of human qualities— harmony, joy, relationships, actions and emotions," says Stesner. Most irreverent is the addition of luxury brand logos. “Fashion is an art form in itself and can be represented in different mediums, including how I am displaying it in my work," the artist elaborates. “With this project I wanted to go more urban and pop, with a little whimsy and grit to amplify the cool factor. Brands today, especially in luxury, are intermixing culture, art and commerce, and I think this project illustrates that integration on a visual level."  The result is a collection that has garnered acclaim of galleries around the world.

Last April, Stesner exhibited the series in and Rotterdam in a collaboration with the Cobra Gallery on Amersterdam's Vondelpark. 

Born and raised in New Jersey, Stesner had a passion for the arts at a very young age and was drawn to photography at just  10 years old. After graduating from University of the Arts in Philadelphia with his MFA,  he went on to assist photographers like Albert Watson, Steve Hiett and Michael  Thompson. A talent for creating portraits of subjects soon led to collaborations with magazines shooting editorial beauty and still life for publications like Allure, InStyle,  Cosmopolitan, French Glamour and French Elle, as well as advertising campaigns for beauty companies. Stesner resides in New York City with his wife, Deanna, their son, Shane, and their daughter, Blake.

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Size 122 × 122 cm
Material Plexiglass