SPIRITUAL JOURNEY (Liquid Gloss, Unique Piece)


James Chiew paintings have come about thanks to his creativity, insight, and organizational skills. The designs are recognizable, graphic, often with an Eastern tint. A James Chiew sculpture or painting has the gift of taking the atmosphere of the entire room to the next level.

James Chiew, who is from Singapore, never trained in art or design. Thanks to his insight and talent, he grew into a photographer and art director on his own. In 2001, his graphic design agency got off the ground. Since his hunger for creative expression had not yet been satisfied, he started photographing in 2005. He gained experience in product and culinary photography, among other things, before expanding his skills with modeling shoots. It was only from 2009 that his true artist blood came to light.

James Chiew images or paintings appeal to the imagination through colors, shapes and texts. He is no stranger to exhibitions. If you are not satisfied with what you see, create it yourself. Chiew's motto is evident in every single James Chiew painting or sculpture. Chiew draws inspiration from everyday objects and activities. When you recognise his source of inspiration, you will never look at the world the same again. Chiew knows how to show the viewer a different perspective with his eye for detail, color, and technique. A new look at what we encounter in our daily lives. The hues and sometimes daring images bring excitement and sensation to the space. Its no wonder that Chiew has made a name for itself in the corporate arts. A James Chiew sculpture or James Chiew painting breaks you apart from reality.

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Size 150 × 150 cm
Material Mixed Media