Tess (Piece Unique)


Isabelle Scheltjens’s portraits of elegant women are heightened by their materiality. Scheltjens crafts her headshot-like mosaics from pieces of colored glass of varying sizes and textures, which she then melts together into singular picture planes, a technique borrowed and extrapolated on from that of her husband, the artist Dirk Neefs. The resulting works resemble the pointillism of Georges Seurat infused with the devotional POP art sensibility of Andy Warhol's portraits of Marilyn Monroe, with Scheltjens’s pieces resembling geometric abstractions up close and from a distance crystallising into legible portraiture. Scheltjens has exhibited in New York City, Paris, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Dubai, Amsterdam, and London, among others.

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Size 114 × 152 cm
Material Mixed Media