Eileen Verkooij, known in the art world as EIVER, has always been captivated by the vibrancy of street art, the elegance of interior design, and the ever-evolving world of fashion. Despite having no formal training in art or design, EIVER's self-taught journey has led her to realize her dream: making art the centerpiece of her life. Driven by a relentless passion for innovation, she continuously explores new techniques to create unique, powerful pieces that resonate with deep emotion and intensity.

EIVER's artistic process is a mesmerising blend of digital and traditional mediums. She masterfully combines various images, layers, and paint on both computer and physical surfaces like wood and canvas. Utilizing Photoshop, she transforms existing pictures into fresh, original compositions. Once the digital groundwork is laid, she prints the images and meticulously paints over them. Currently, EIVER's creative endeavors involve an eclectic mix of materials, including media clippings, street posters from Amsterdam, acrylics, oils, resin, and gold leaf. Her work is a testament to her unyielding creativity and her ability to turn everyday visuals into extraordinary art.

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Size 110 × 140 cm
Material Plexiglass