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Oliver Barnett is an English photographic artist living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Having emigrated from the UK to South Africa in 2007, It didn’t take long to fall under the influence of the wild elemental scenery of the Cape, so stark in contrast to the beautiful but essentially manicured English countryside in which Oliver Barnett grew up. The move prompted a new creative path guided by valuable insights into the self-regulating intelligence of nature and the desire for an enhanced participation in the unfolding cycles we are bound to.

Many hours have been spent exploring these new lands, Oliver taught himself photography and started to learn about the unique diversity of the Cape floral kingdom. This led to the development of adaptive editing techniques to create images that offer a narrative to a transforming sensory perception of place within the land. The resulting body of work intends to provide tools to connect to a collective perception of the environment and prompt new ways to encourage the seeds of recovered ecological sensibility occurring within human consciousness.

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