Roman Sculpture Two Tone Marble Bust

The journey of this captivating two-tone marble sculpture is as intriguing as its potential Roman relic status. It found its way into the world through the enchanting Maria Callas, who once cherished it in her Paris apartment—a gift from the enigmatic Ari Onassis, her former lover during the vibrant decades of the sixties and seventies. This piece embodies the intertwining of love, passion, and artistry, which makes its story all the more fascinating.

The road to authenticating this remarkable sculpture has been a challenging one. A crucial document dating back to 1987, providing its origin and historical significance, was lost in an unfortunate office fire in JHB. The quest to establish its age and provenance led to the possibility of carbon dating by the archaeology department of UCT. However, this path is not for the impatient, as it might take a year or more, possibly even requiring a journey back to the city of lights, Paris.

What makes this sculpture’s value soar to remarkable heights is the tantalising prospect that it might be a genuine Roman relic. With the proper documentation, its worth could skyrocket to a hundred times its current value. But let’s not forget the charm of history and intrigue; it’s entirely possible that this piece is a replica created in the mid-nineteenth century when Parisians sought to showcase their newfound affluence as the new bourgeoisie.

In the end, the uncertainty surrounding its authenticity only adds to its mystique. The value of this sculpture transcends its price tag—it’s a symbol of romance, artistry, and the timeless allure of the past. So, rather than dwelling on the enigma of its origin, let’s celebrate the captivating journey it has taken, and the potential treasure it may yet prove to be.


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Weight 30 kg
Size 35 × 57 cm